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Is your prescription safety eyewear program all that it should be?

Palmetto Optical Laboratory is the best choice for your optical needs and here's why:

  • Palmetto Occupational Safety Eyewear Products meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1-2003 Standards for all prescription safety eyewear. 

  • Tailored to YOUR safety eyewear budget! Palmetto tailors programs to allow the company to:

    • Pay a set amount toward prescription safety eyewear,

    • Pay for basic prescription safety glasses and the employees pay for any extras,

    • Pay for prescription safety eyewear without limits on options, or

    • Negotiate a more affordable, discounted group rate that the employee pays or payroll deducts.

  • Tailored to YOUR safety eyewear needs! Palmetto creates programs to allow the company to enhance compliance by selecting prescription safety eyewear specific to the company's safety eyewear needs. Specific options may be allowed or not allowed as desired by the company.

  • Large network! Palmetto offers a large network of approved prescription safety eyewear providers to order, fit and dispense prescription safety eyewear as well as to provide eye exams and other vision care services. Additions and deletions may be made to the provider network to accommodate company needs and vision insurance.

  • Saves time and money! Palmetto's Occupational Safety Eyewear Programs offer standardized group pricing to the company for all prescription safety eyewear on a monthly bill, thereby reducing valuable administrative time processing individual reimbursements.

  • Fast turnaround! Palmetto's central location in Columbia, S.C. enables fast turnaround time of 7-10 business days for in-state prescription safety eyewear!​

  • Enhances employee compliance! Palmetto's Occupational Safety Eyewear Programs best enhance employee compliance with company safety eyewear standards when the eyewear reimbursement is billed to the company, instead of the employee paying out-of-pocket for their eyewear. Another option to improve compliance is for the out-of-pocket amount to be at a discounted group rate. 


  • On-site vision screening! Palmetto offers vision screening of company employees to help determine visual acuity, to scan for compliance with company's safety eyewear program, and recommend regular eye examinations. Poor vision through outdated prescription safety eyewear can result in poor quality job performance! Speak with Lab Manager for details.

  • On-site dispensing available! Palmetto offers on-site ordering, fitting, dispensing and maintenance of prescription safety eyewear. Speak with Lab Manager for details. 

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