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Palmetto Optical Laboratory Plans

-- Occupational Safety Eyewear Program

In 30 minutes, you can be on your way to having the Best Occupational Safety Eyewear Program tailored to your needs! Our easy to implement program will give you all the necessary materials for your company to get started. The Occupational Safety Eyewear Programs includes:

  • Occupational Safety Eyewear Program Binder. This binder contains everything you want to know about your safety eyewear program: the most recent ANSI Standards for Prescription Safety Eyewear, Prescription Frame and Lens Fabrication Certificates of Compliance, Titmus Sideshield and T-LOC Liability Statement, your company's specification of safety eyewear and options, Hazard Assessment information, Palmetto Optical Policies and Warranties, Prescription Frame Chart, W-9 Form, and the Palmetto Personal Vision Care program (if applicable). 

  • Customized Authorization Forms can be emailed directly to you. These forms:

    • Detail your company's specifications for your employees' occupational prescription safety eyewear;

    • Inform your employees of the network of Palmetto Authorized Vision Care Providers;

    • Provide Palmetto Optical Laboratory Authorized Providers with all the information necessary to accurately and quickly order your employee's safety eyewear from Palmetto; and

    • Modify easily for your company's growing needs.

  • Convenient Authorization Form Logs allow you to track the outstanding Authorization Forms so you can keep your employees' vision safer and their eyewear compliant.

In addition to the Occupational Safety Eyewear Program, we offer several other programs and services. 

-- Vision Screening Program

As part of our Occupational Safety Eyewear Program, we can provide vision screening of your employees at your designated location for reasonable prices (speak with Lab Manager for details). The Vision Screening Program helps to:

  • Educate employees about the importance of regular eye health examinations;

  • Identify the number of employees who have visual deficiencies that may pose safety hazards to themselves and fellow employees;

  • Inform employees of your company's prescription safety eyewear program requirements; and

  • Identify the number of employees seen who are not in compliance with your safety eyewear program.

-- "On-Site" Program

Palmetto Optical Laboratory can arrange for a Licensed Optician* to come to your designated location at pre-scheduled dates and times to order, fit, dispense, and/or repair Rx safety eyewear. Speak with Lab Manager for details. Note: When considering an "on-site" option, please keep in mind that the employee still must go to a vision care provider in order to get an eye examination and a prescription. 


If you currently use an "on-site" option, be sure the person ordering, fitting and/or dispensing your prescription safety eyewear is licensed* and regulated under the laws and regulations governing the practice of opticianry in your state. By using our authorized Optician, Optometric, and Ophthalmological Providers, the employee can obtain an eye exam, prescription, and order their prescription safety eyewear ALL IN ONE PLACE.


*Licensing requirements vary by state.

-- Additional Approved Providers

In addition to the list of Palmetto Optical Laboratory Approved Providers, we can arrange for additional providers, as required. Specific locations can also be listed to fulfill your company's requirements.

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